How to Submit a Manuscript to Dryad Press

Dryad Press publishes outstanding poetry by both established and new poets. We publish approximately 3 collections per annum. Regretfully, we do not at this time publish fiction, non-fiction, short stories, memoirs or drama. We are particularly interested in publishing authors from South Africa or the African continent. We recommend that you browse, purchase and read our titles to become familiar with the type of work that we like to publish.
We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, but we do have an open submission period once a year during which time any author is welcome to submit their work. We also not have time to follow up on incomplete manuscript or discuss or advise on book concepts or ideas for your collections.

In order to ensure that your manuscript is properly considered, you should always include:

  • a covering letter/email that includes your complete contact information and links to your social media platforms or other marketing connections you may have (if relevant);
  •  a biography that includes information relating to your educational background, your previous publications and any awards that you may have received;
  •  your proof of payment (if required); and
  • your COMPLETE manuscript sent to subs@dryadpress.co.za, typed in a standard sized font.

If our editorial screeners find that your manuscript fits within the Dryad Press mandate and select your manuscript for further study, it will be circulated to experts skilled in their field and selected by Dryad Press for further review and consideration. This process can take several months, and we ask for your patience as we strive to give every manuscript detailed consideration.


Open submission period in April 2019

Dryad Press had an open submission period in April 2019 and is pleased to confirm that it has made its selections for publication in 2019. Watch this space for an announcement regarding forthcoming publications in 2019!


Please take note of the following important information when compiling your manuscript

  • Manuscripts must be predominantly written in English or Afrikaans, or a combination of those languages. Every manuscript will be read, and all will be considered for publication.
  • We ask for smaller collections of poetry of between 50-60 pages. Most books published by Dryad Press contain approximately 40 poems and we recommend that you submit manuscripts that do not substantially exceed this in length.
  • We recommend that you obtain and read collections of poetry previously published by Dryad Press. Our collections are available online at www.dryadpress.co.za, at most Exclusive Books stores and at better bookstores nationwide. This will assist you in gaining an understanding of the type of poetry that we publish.
  • Successful manuscripts will be published in the manner and format that Dryad Press deems appropriate.
  • Manuscripts containing poems previously published in magazines, anthologies, journals, or online will be accepted, as long as each previously published poem is acknowledged in the manuscript.
  • Manuscripts that have already been published previously – including self-publishing – will not be accepted.
  • While we do accept manuscripts from writers of any experience, whether they have published a collection of poetry before or not, it is to your advantage if your able to evidence previous publications in literary journals such as New Contrast, Stanzas, New Coin, Poetry Potion or any other overseas journals.
  • We strongly recommend that you obtain the advice and assistance of a trusted colleague or friend (preferably experienced in the collation of literary collections) prior to submitting your work. Manuscripts that have been carefully compiled and thought out tend to stand out and have a better chance of success. It is also advantageous if your work has been previously published.



  • Writers must be either a citizen, national, or permanent resident of South Africa.
  • Only submit during the open submission period or your manuscript will not be read. Watch our website and social media platforms for the announcement of the 2020 open submission period.
  • Submissions will only be accepted via our email address –subs@dryadpress.co.za – as either .doc or .pdf attachments. Include the cover letter, biography, prrof of payment that we discussed above.
  • As a guide, we recommend you use 12pt Times New Roman or Ariel in 12 point.
  • Dryad Press reserves the right to publish none of the manuscripts received during this submissions period.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions provided that you notify us immediately and withdraw your submission should your manuscript be accepted elsewhere for publication.
  • You may submit as many collections as you like provided each submission is made separately and a separate administrative fee (see below) is paid for each submission.
  • Postal entries will not be accepted.
  • We are unable to offer feedback on manuscript submissions.
  • An administrative fee of R250 per submission will be charged, which will assist us in ensuring that your manuscript is read by an expert reader who must be paid for the many hours of intensive reading that the submission process requires. Please send proof of payment of your deposit to our account along with your submission:

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Holder: Dryad Press (Pty) Ltd
Bank Code: 051001
Account number: 063017504
Confirmation to: subs@dryadpress.co.za

We wish you luck with your submission!


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