i know no heroes by Wopko Jensma

when your soft flesh and bone fists
finally gone blue beating marble walls
why, yes those walls just vanished
oh yes, josé afonso, what now?
what now, as the soldiers still carry
carry on their shoulders in their bellies
guns that bought them no freedom
oh yes, josé afonso, what now?
what now, as the soldiers breed roses
roses in their bent gun barrels
the cage that kept the dove behind bars
those bars have shaken out my guts
yes josé, drive those brass tacks home

in these subterranean rooms
my entrails under paper weights
i keep singing this song
of one thousand unmade beds
of one thousand dust bins
of one thousand dark alleys
of one thousand chicken livers
(neatly tied in plastic packs)
as i turn stones on my life
grab scorpions sleight of hand
unwind untie the poison sting
let my past slip down my gullet

i wrote no lines since I saw you last
in fact I have nothing more to say
the sky is blue the leaves are green
i take what comes I give with caution
the yachts ride at anchor in the bay
next month and autumn cooler weather
i pay off my debt in instalments


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