1. Writers must be either a citizen, national, or permanent resident of South Africa.
  2. Submissions will be open from 1 April to 30 April 2019. Do not submit your manuscript before 1 April 2019 or after 28 April 2019 – it will not be read.
  3. Submissions will only be accepted via our email address – – as either .doc or .pdf attachments. Include your name and contact information in a cover letter attached alongside the manuscript, together with a brief biography that contains information about yourself that is relevant to your writing.
  4. As a guide, we recommend you use 12pt Times New Roman.
  5. Dryad Press reserves the right to publish none of the manuscripts received during this submissions period.
  6. We accept simultaneous submissions provided that you notify us immediately and withdraw your submission should your manuscript be accepted elsewhere for publication.
  7. You may submit as many collections as you like provided each submission is made separately and a separate administrative fee (see below) is paid for each submission.
  8. Postal entries will not be accepted.
  9. We are unable to offer feedback on manuscript submissions.
  10. An administrative fee of R250 per submission will be charged, which will assist us in ensuring that your manuscript is read by an expert reader who must be paid for the many hours of intensive reading that the submission process requires.
    Please send proof of payment of your deposit to our account along with your submission:
    Account Holder:  Dryad Press
    Bank: Standard Bank
    Bank Code: 051001
    Account number: 063017504
    Confirmation to:


Good luck!