Dryad Press | About Us

Dryad Press is a literary collaboration between two poets, Michèle Betty and Joan Hambidge.  Michèle Betty is the editor of New Contrast:  The South African Literary Journal.  She completed her MA in Creative Writing at UCT under the mentorship of Joan Hambidge and her debut poetry collection, Metaphysical Balm was completed in partial fulfillment of the MA requirements at UCT.  Joan Hambidge is a professor in Creative Writing at the University of Cape Town, an award winning poet, novelist, critic and author of several poetry collections, novels and academic texts.  Hambidge will offer editorial and related advice on the selection and publication of Dryad Press collections.  Her blog can be accessed at www.woordewatweeg.co.za. Dryad Press (Pty) Ltd is a bespoke poetry publishing house dedicated to the promotion and publication of poetry in South Africa.  It will publish poetry, which in the words of Roland Barthes, searches for “the inalienable meaning of things”.  Innovative and exciting poetry that tackles established issues in a fresh way.  Our determinant for publication, will be the ability of the literature to defamiliarise.    Poetry that surprises, not only in form and technique, but also in its ability to enable us to reflect on our experiences in the world in a new way.

Dryad Press is pleased to advise that it has made its selections for publication in 2018.  We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.  If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, write to Michèle Betty on business@dryadpress.co.za with some information about yourself and your manuscript.  Michèle will advise you regarding the process and possibility for submission.