In Corridors and Labyrinths My Mind by Douglas Livingstone

The Genius of Earth:
In corridors and labyrinths my mind
Wends damply haunted to a misted deep
Where lurks mad-ego pacing without sleep
On wet and echoing streets thin-walled and vined
With veins, a stagnant tombstone yet unsigned.
Down here my vestige soul has built its keep
To fortify from forms that subtly creep
Well-hidden from the fearful glance behind.
I feel and hear a deep evoking Call.
Now phantoms chase me from my tunnelled pit:
Bats scream and snakes with avid moilings crawl
Upon their quarry. Hopeless, lost, I flit
To slump exhausted near my skull’s last wall
While demons rush through, over, out of it.


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