Tabernacle by P. R. Anderson

-from Night Transit You laid me between you and you held my breath. Day spread its sail over us, our shroud shone. We lay transfigured and yet world went on. […]


Reservoir by Michèle Betty

– from Dark Horse ~ after ‘First Lesson’ by Philip Booth In the reservoir, I recall a dead man’s float. Gliding from one side of circular cement walls to the […]


Infauna by Simon van Schalkwyk

– from Transcontinental Delay Cloudless before sunset, a day without fog, clear as white handkerchiefs waving away ships and present commitments. An apostrophe also for the duneless future. [...]


Mythology by Fiona Zerbst

– from In Praise of Hotel Rooms Roosters irradiate the dawn. Come day, this is my reminder, this is my gauge, and everything follows. Dipped sky, pale enclosure of grasses. […]


Kestrel by Brian Walter

– from Allegories of the Everyday Our windhover It’s easy now to slip uphill, in cars, snaking up these smooth tarred roads to the Valley of Desolation, sacrificing all the […]

Truth by by Beverly Rycroft

– From A Private Audience There was a party and the grown-ups sat on the stoep and drank whisky and gin. We played hide-and-seek. You chased me, I ran down […]


New House by Kobus Moolman

– From The Mountain Behind the House,   There is no mountain at the front of our new house. There are only birds and thin fever trees. There are only […]

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