Joan Hambidge is a poet, novelist critic and public intellectual. She teaches Afrikaans and Creative Writing at the University of Cape Town in the Hofmeyr Chair. She writes extensively on modern trends in literary theory.Her poetry has been the recipient of the Eugène Marais and ATKV prizes. She writes a well-known blog Woorde wat weeg which can be found at

List of recent books:

The Coroner’s Wife (Dryad Press, Cape Town. 2018.) (Poetry Translations)
Indeks (Human & Rousseau, Cape Town. 2016.) (Poetry)
Anti-Laius (Cape Town Opera. 2015.) (Libretto for Opera)
Matriks (Human & Rousseau, Cape Town. 2015.) (Poetry)
Meditasies (Human & Rousseau, Cape Town. 2014.) (Poetry)
Lot se Vrou (Human & Rousseau, Cape Town. 2012.) (Poetry)
Visums by Verstek (Human & Rousseau, Cape Town. 2011.) (Poetry)
Vuurwiel (Human & Rousseau, Cape Town. 2009.) (Poetry)
Kladboek (Protea, Pretoria. 2008.) (Novel)
Palindroom / Koesnaatjies vir die Proe (Genugtig Uitgewers, Cape Town. 2008.) (Novel & Poetry)
Dad (Genugtig Uitgewers, Cape Town. 2006.) (Poetry)
En Skielik is dit Aand (Protea Boekhuis, Pretoria. 2005.) (Poetry)
Die Buigsaamheid van Verdriet (Protea Boekhuis, Pretoria. 2004.) (Poetry)
Ruggespraak (Protea Boekhuis, Pretoria. 2002.) (Poetry)
Sewe Sonjas en wat hulle gedoen het (Contentlot, Cape Town. 2001.) (Novel)
Lykdigte (Tafelberg, Cape Town. 2000.) (Poetry)
Die Swart Sluier (Tafelberg, Cape Town. 1998.) (Novel)
Die Judaskus (Kagiso/Perskor, Johannesburg. 1998.) (Novel)
Ewebeeld (Kagiso/Perskor, Johannesburg. 1998.) (Poetry)
Swart Koring (Human & Rousseau, Cape Town. 1996.) (Novel)
Postmodernisme (J.P. van der Walt, Pretoria. 1995.)  (Text Book)
Interne Verhuising (Perskor, Johannesburg. 1995.) (Poetry)


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