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Sally Ann Murray

Sally Ann Murray (Sam) is Chair of the English Department at the University of Stellenbosch. She has an MA (cum laude) and a PhD from the University of Natal, Durban. Her novel Small Moving Parts (Kwela, 2009) won the 2013 UKZN Book Prize, the 2010 M-Net Literary Award for Best Novel in English, and the […]

Brian Walter

Brian Walter taught literature at the University of Fort Hare for 19 years. He later worked in educational and community development projects, mostly in the Eastern Cape. He currently works with a writing group in Helenvale, a troubled area in Port Elizabeth, where he mentors the Helenvale Poets. He also works with the informal Ecca […]

Lifebelt Post
by Sydney Clouts

Horizon approaching, wave by wave in the million crumples before the placid gull reflects. A steep stone scaled abruptly by the salt, remains. But that old timber with its hook of rusted metal black with sorrow, tilts and falls and ends its epoch. Fallen, that power of things which none needs give to things: when […]

Earth, Sky
by Sydney Clouts

I walked with a flower stuck red in my coat, it flamed for an hour and then it went out. The hilltop above me shimmered like stars, the houses passed me they were white upon white. Then the dark came around. I thought of my child, his body a flower, his heart like a star. […]

by Sydney Clouts

For the unreflective, pepperpots to sneeze out ignorance or to at least exhaust it; for the ethical, tobaccosmoke; for fools, shipsirens returning to the sun some of its intensity. Pampoen the Moon was gobbled up O koud is die windjie en skraal. The bitter stars I’ve tasted them, My backside is mos kaal. For the […]

Roy Kloof Went Riding
by Sydney Clouts

Near a field overflowing with barley I ride, my mother embroiders and lives by the sea. Small money she makes, with shimmering tones of a tower on top of a distant hill and combs of water sharp and still and sprinkled cherries made the size of blood. On Sundays I visit my father, he greets […]

by Sydney Clouts

You look long about you intent on the world on a midsummer day; the sea flames hard it is rumpled like tin, the sun is burning dimension away. If you cast a pebble down it will clatter on the waves, your eye can not go in. And it cannot find a tree standing generous and […]

Intimate Lightning
by Sydney Clouts

Too succulent for quinces comes this fresh quo vadis, Africa the bud the blossom the scent the intimate lightning. Tusks traded for cash lie somewhere staling under hessian, to be fetched for another buyer at the coast. Tusks, skins, rhinoceros horn. What I want, Zambesi’s abler darkness fools with: the full penetrant eye, and more, […]

Karroo Stop
by Sydney Clouts

A whole trainful of coal like a soul burnt black in a hole or tunnel, passed us slowly. We were halted in our carriage. The roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, dragged painfully, each truck like the goal achieved, yet still this kept control of each eye. A horse and a foal beyond were […]