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No spider struggles to create The beautiful. His tensile arc Knows mathematics in the dark; A Michael Angelo of air Who weaves a theory that states Ultimatums on a hair. Born to the purple of his need He has no unsolved problems. He Suffers no dichotomy, But wakes to work and works to kill; Beauty […]

Penguin on the Beach

Stranger in his own element, Sea-casualty, the castaway manikin Waddles in his tailored coat-tails. Oil Has spread a deep commercial stain Over his downy shirt front. Sleazy, grey, It clogs the sleekness. Far too well He must recall the past, to be so cautious: Watch him step into the waves. He shudders Under the froth; […]

There are Wounds

Written on wind or water Word is flesh. Soon or later Flesh must speak in tones So dark they pierce the skin. Stigmata are not revealed At such times: There are wounds A Thomas would not dare To plunge his hand within.