Permissions & Rights Sales


If you wish to request permission to publish material from any of our books, please contact Michèle Betty on

Rights Sales

Dryad Press and World Arts Agency are proud to have engaged in a collaboration in terms of which World Arts Agency will represent Dryad Press poets in respect of the sale of foreign publishing rights. The World Arts Agency represents a dynamic and growing range of award-winning and debut writers, as well as musicians, thespians, and also, with this never been done before collaboration between an independent publisher and agency in South Africa, poets! In the past it has been rare for agents to represent poets and this collaboration marks a decisive intent, not only to support the burgeoning culture of poetry, but its production as well. World Arts Agency is South Africa’s fastest-growing literary agency. One of its core principles is a sense of adventure; to take chances on creative talents that may not seem thematically mainstream while equally taking pride in a talented roster of clients, and in the phenomenal recognition their work garners from publishers and award juries. Working out of the historic neighbourhood of Braamfontein is a dedicated team of experts, negotiating international publishing rights for literary properties, as well as television and stage adaptation rights for literary clients, both directly and in association with co-agents.

If you are interested in foreign rights sales in respect of any of our books, please contact Warren Jeremy Rourke at the World Arts Agency on


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